ASAI 2009

X Argentine Symposium on Artificial Intelligence
August 24-25, Mar del Plata, Argentina



38th JAIIO

38th JAIIO

Mar del Plata

Mar del Plata






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[2009/06/15] Accepted Papers [pdf]


[2009/04/23] Paper Submission Deadline Extended May 11 2009

ASAI, the Argentine Symposium on Artificial Intelligence, is an annual event intended to be the main forum of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) community in Argentina. The symposium aims at providing a forum for researchers and AI community members to discuss and exchange ideas and experiences on diverse topics of AI. Previous ASAI editions stimulated presentations on both applications of AI and new tools and foundations currently under development.

The tenth Argentine Symposium on Artificial Intelligence (ASAI 2009) will be held during the last week of August 2009, in Mar del Plata, Argentina. ASAI 2009 will be part of the 38th JAIIO, the 38th Argentine Meetings on Informatics and Operations Research, organized by SADIO, the Argentine Society for Informatics and Operations Research.