A Service-oriented Platform for Smart Cities

A Service-oriented Platform for Smart Cities

UE Research Project (ISISTAN)

Funded by CONICET

Smart cities are a growing trend in many cities in Argentina. In particular, the so-called intermediate cities present a context and requirements different from those of large cities with respect to smart cities. One aspect of relevance is to encourage the development of applications (generally for mobile devices) that enable citizens to take advantage of data and services normally associated with the city, for example, in the urban mobility domain. In this project, a platform is proposed for intermediate cities that provide “high level” services and that allow the construction of software applications that consume those services. Our platform-centric strategy focused aims to integrate systems and heterogeneous data sources, and provide “intelligent” services to different applications. Examples of these services include: construction of user profiles, recommending local events, and collaborative sensing based on data mining techniques, among others. In this work, the design of this platform (currently in progress) is described, and experiences of applications for urban mobility are discussed, which are being migrated in the form of reusable services provided by the platform

PI: Andrés Diaz Pace

Research Team: ISISTAN

Daniela Godoy

My research interests include recommender systems, social networks, text mining and social networks.