PhD. Analía Adriana Amandi - Presentation

Dra. Analía Amandi

Welcome to my home page. Here, you will find information about my research interests and my current activities.

Personal Information

Doctor in Computer Science, UFRGS, Porto Alegre, 1997.

Research Activities

Professor of the Computer Science Department and Researcher at ISISTAN Research Institute at Exact Sciences Faculty of the UNICEN.

Coordinator of the Interest Group in Artificial Intelligence. This group is part of SADIO, the Argentine Society for Informatics and Operations Research.

Director of the Intelligent Agents Group at ISISTAN Research Institute.

Research Interests

Intelligent agents, particularly interface agents. Knowledge management


Postgraduate students


  • Mg. Luis Berdún (with CONICET fellowship) working on project planning
  • Eng. Marcelo Armentano (with CONICET fellowship) working on software architectures for interface agents
  • Eng. Victoria Eyharabide (with CONICET fellowship)
  • Lic. Ariel Monteserín (with PICT Project fellowship) working on agent negotiation
  • Eng. Virginia Yannibelli (with PAV Project fellowship)
  • Eng. Jorge Villaverde (with PAV Project fellowship)
  • Eng. Agustín Persson (with CONICET fellowship)

Old students

  • Mg. Henri Avancini - his master thesis was on agent composition
  • Dra. Daniela Godoy - her master thesis was about the PersonalSearcher agent; her PhD thesis was about user profiling algorithms for information     agents
  • Mg. Luis Berdún - his master thesis was about planning algorithms for interface agents
  • Dra. Silvia Schiaffino - her master thesis was about the QueryGuesser agent and her PhD thesis was about user-agent interaction
  • Dr. Alejandro Zunino - his master thesis was on agent architectures

Contact Information

Teléfono Laboral: +54 (2293) 440363 int. 28
Fax: +54 (2293) 440363 int. 52
Dirección Postal:

Instituto de Investigación ISISTAN
Facultad de Ciencias Exactas
Universidad Nacional del Centro de la Pcia. de Buenos Aires
Campus Universitario
Paraje Arroyo Seco, ( B7001BBO ) Tandil, Bs. As.



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