Ingrid A. Christensen - Master in Systems Engineering

Welcome to my home page. Here, you will find information about my research interests and my current activities.


Academic Information

  • Scholarship holder of the National Council for Scientific and Technological Research of Argentina (CONICET)
  • Bachelor in Systems Engineering from the UNICEN University (March 2009)
  • I got my Master degree at UNICEN, Tandil, Argentina (2011)

Research Activities

I am currently a member of  ISISTAN Research Insitute at UNICEN, Tandil, Argentina

I am mainly interested in the development of intelligent agents, particulary in generating individual user profiles, groups profiles and recommendation in differents domains.

I was working on the development and comparison of techniques to generate group recommendation and group profiles.

My Master's Degree thesis proposes a technique for group profiling considering the heterogeneity of the group.

Currently I am working on my Phd thesis which focuses on group recommendation within social networks.

Contact Information

Office phone: +54 (249) 4439840 int. 42
Fax: +54 (249) 4439681

ISISTAN Research Institute
Facultad de Ciencias Exactas
Universidad Nacional del Centro de la Pcia. de Buenos Aires
Campus Universitario
Paraje Arroyo Seco, (B7001BBO) Tandil, Bs. As.



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