Dr. Alvaro Soria - Presentation

Welcome to my home page. Here, you will find information about my research interests and my current activities.

Personal Information

PhD in Computer Science, UNICEN University, Tandil, Argentina. Octubre 2009

Systems Engineer, UNICEN University, Tandil, Argentina. July 2001

Research Activities

I am currently a member of  ISISTAN Research Insitute at UNICEN, Tandil, Argentina

My research interests are:

  • quality-driven design
  • software architectures
  • object-oriented frameworks
  • multi-agent systems
  • architecture-driven fault localization

Some current (and past) projects include:

  • FLABot - Architectural-driven fault localization and debugging in Eclipse (jointly supported by Intel Corporation)
  • Universidad 3D - Universidad 3D is a 3D educative game developed by students of the UNICEN University that simulates a virtual campus, allowing students to navigate the campus facilities and interactively learn about academic offerings.

Contact Information

E-MAIL: asoria@exa.unicen.edu.ar
WWW: http://www.exa.unicen.edu.ar/~asoria
Office phone: +54 (2293) 439682 int. 30
Fax: +54 (2293) 439681
Postal address:

ISISTAN Research Institute
Facultad de Ciencias Exactas
Universidad Nacional del Centro de la Pcia. de Buenos Aires
Campus Universitario
Paraje Arroyo Seco, (B7001BBO) Tandil, Bs. As.



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